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    What is STEP?

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting 
It doesn't deal in stickers and prizes, but instead teaches civility, respect, and lasting methods.

The result? Self-motivated, self-disciplined kids-- and calmer, happier parents.

One STEP Ahead  delivers the knowledge we need-- both philosophy and practical techniques-- to build healthy, long-term relationships with the most precious ones  in our lives-- our children.

You can fall in love with your children-- all over again.

***After an hiatus due to family circumstances, Liz is back presenting Workshops. Please see the Upcoming Events tab for news and new offerings.


Here's what a businessman and father has to say about the positive discipline approach of One STEP Ahead:
"What a wonderful class.  I actually didn’t want the class to end, as I found the idea sharing & brain- storming among the other parents to be so enriching and rewarding.
STEP is truly systematic, it’s not easy but it can be so rewarding that it really allows you to communicate with your child."

       --Chad Gulrajaney, Dwight-Englewood dad

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I am so happy to share that I am back to presenting STEP Workshops, both in the classic group format and the adapted formats such as Private Coaching.

For the various options on offer, please click on the Tab at right "How Can I Learn STEP". Pricing and particulars can be found on the FAQ page tab. 

I also continue to consult on an hourly basis with clients who have taken STEP with me (in Group or private format) and would like a refresher. 

I continue to be available to answer your questions and be of assistance whenever you need me. 

Please feel free to contact me; as always I love to hear from you.


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