One STEP Ahead Workshops - Parenting Education
STEP is short for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting---
Rooted in the classic psychological theories of Drs. Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, STEP is positive discipline: intelligent, loving, and very practical.
STEP teaches anyone who works with or cares for children how to encourage, empathize, and discipline-- without rewards, punishment, bribery or revenge.
It doesn't deal in stickers and prizes, but instead teaches civility, respect, and lasting methods. The result? Self-motivated, self-disciplined kids-- and happier parents.
One STEP Ahead Workshops delivers an 8-week series of sessions that build upon one another to impart the full philosophy of STEP-- and the practical tips and techniques to build healthy, long-term relationships with the most precious ones in our lives-- our children.
You can fall in love with your children-- all over again.
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Here's what a businessman and father has to say about the positive discipline approach of One STEP Ahead:
"What a wonderful class.
As a father, I must admit that I had a preconceived idea, that this course would be better for moms, and that I would be out of place in the discussions, as my perspective was different. Boy was I wrong! I recently mentioned to another dad that they should take this course the next time it is available in our area.
I actually didn’t want the class to end, as I found the idea sharing & brain- storming among the other parents to be so enriching and rewarding.
Liz's open-minded approach and insight was truly appreciated. She presented the techniques of STEP with practical examples and in such a fun and easy going manner.
STEP is truly systematic, it’s not easy but it can be so rewarding that it really allows you to communicate with your child.
My wife and I highly recommend it to any parent who would like to have a calmer household!"
-- Thanks  to Chad Gulrajaney, Dwight-Englewood Parent, 8/11
Here's what an experienced mom and youth group leader has to say about One STEP Ahead:
"In my many years as Youth Minister here at OLM, I've had a chance to observe many parent / child relationships. 
The minor and major struggles I've seen are all rooted in one thing - how to relate to and communicate with your child.
As a parent of a seven-year-old and five-year-old with special needs, I was no different!
My struggles caused me not to enjoy being a parent as much as I wished. Though my children were polite and well behaved, I wanted more from our relationship.
This is where STEP came in. The empathetic approach you will learn helps you and your children to appreciate each other.
It has helped me help them think for themselves, and I am a happier, calmer mom! 
The support I received from Liz and the other moms and dads in the class was affirming and encouraging!
Eight weeks may seem like a big commitment, but once you get started, you'll wish it were longer! "
--Thanks to Jenn Kavanagh, Youth Minister and OLM mom, for your comments about STEP, 7/11
Here's what an experienced Middle School teacher has to say about One STEP Ahead:
"The STEP program...enlightened me to techniques that can be used in the classroom and beyond...
...the program teaches basic approaches to handling challenging situations with children as well as adults.
As an educator,  I learned how to apply my listening skills and form a more constructive approach to handling challenges in the classroom and daily encounters.
You can remain in control of a situation without dominating or developing a personal power struggle...[STEP] allowed me to better understand my students and supplied me with a renewed approach to disciplining my students based on their choices.
Liz Neville has a 'down-to-earth' approach and practices what she preaches. I hope more people take the time to see what the program can offer them."
---Thanks to Laura Butterworth, OLMA Middle School teacher, 5/11
Currently Planned Spring 2012 Customized Teacher and Parent Training Workshops:
What:      One-day Teacher In-Service
Where:   Little Learners Child Care Center, Ridgefield, NJ
When:     Monday, January 16, 2012, 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Who:        Staff of Center only
Cost:         Sponsored by Little Learners
What:      Full 8-week STEP Workshop
Where:    Little Learners Child Care Center, Ridgefield, NJ
When:     Thursday evenings starting April 12, 2012
Who:        Little Learners parents and local residents
Cost:        Please see FAQ page for standard rates; LLCCC may offer subsidy to Center parents; please contact Center for details at
What:      Motivation, Communication, Discipline: The Pillars of  STEP, a three-part program series
Where:    Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, NJ
When:     April 2012, two mornings and one evening, exact dates TBA
Who:        Dwight-Englewood School parents only
Cost:         Sponsored by D-E Parents Association
What:      Full 8-Week STEP Workshop
Where:   Church of the Little Flower, Berkeley Heights, NJ
When:    Tuesdays morning or evening, TBA, starting April 3
Who:       Little Flower MOMS group and friends
Cost:        Reduces on sliding scale; please see Program Cost/FAQ page tab.
Please contact me if you'd like to arrange for a Workshop at your school or facility.
8-Week STEP Workshop
What:   The course covers 16 hours of class lecture and discussion;  all reading material and handouts; a recommended reading list covering topics of interest in depth; information tailored to your requirements (divorce situation, step-families, etc.) private coaching in the STEP approach for the run of the workshop plus six months; a lot of fun, and more than a little relief from stress.
Where:    Can be on-site at your facility when you prefer a closed enrollment of your members; typically open enrollment classes are taught in the fall at Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Park Ridge NJ, Lower Gathering Space classroom.
When:      The Workshop is offered twice a year: Spring (April-May) and Fall (October-November), mornings and evenings. Sponsored Workshops (closed enrollment) may be offered more frequently; please contact me for details.
Cost:    Reduces on a sliding scale;  Please see Program Overview page for details. All materials provided, including personal coaching for run of Workshop plus six months.
Who:      Parents and caregivers of children of any age, toddlers to teenagers, can benefit. The program is also wholly applicable to classroom settings; teachers benefit as well.
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